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Enhanced Bulk Stack

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MK-677 1 bottle / 60 Capsules / 10mg per capsule

LGD-4033: 1 bottles / 60 Capsules / 8mg per capsule

RAD-140 1 bottle / 60 Capsules / 10mg per capsule

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MK-677 (Ibutamoren) benefits:

  • Helps build muscle.
  • Boosts growth hormone and IGF-1 levels.
  • Prevents loss of muscle mass.
  • Increase bone density over longer periods.
  • Lets you sleep more efficiently.
  • Counteracts aging process due to increase in IGF-1 levels.
  • Can help to heal wounds and injuries quicker due to higher levels of growth hormone.¬†

LGD-4033 benefits:

  • ¬†Increase lean muscle
  • ¬†Improve strength
  • ¬†Improve cognitive health
  • ¬†More visible muscle pumps during training
  • ¬†Maintaining muscle gain (even after a cycle)
  • ¬†Easier and faster fat loss when dieting
  • ¬†Increased energy and endurance
  • ¬†A feeling of energy and focus during the day
  • ¬†Faster recovery between training sessions
  • ¬†Increased strength for weight training
  • ¬†Mood-boosting for mental wellbeing

RAD-140 (Testolone) benefits:

  • More anabolic than testosterone.
  • Anabolic to androgenic ratio 90:1
  • Best for bulking
  • Improves libido and sexual performance
  • Reduced fat and increases muscle mass
  • Rapid muscle recovery.
  • No androgenic side effects such as male pattern baldness.


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