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Hi-Tech Supplements Tongkat Ali

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60 Capsules

350mg per capsule

200:1 extract, standardised for 10% Eurycomanone.


If you’re looking for an all-natural way to produce more testosterone, you’ve found it!

Tongkat Ali or LongJack as it is more commonly known has been studied for many uses, including for its aphrodisiac qualities, the effects of which seem very reliable through multiple studies, and many years of use.

Sourced from Indonesia using a 200:1 extract, and is standardised for 10% Eurycomanone, a powerful Quassinoid (an extract derived from plants).

TongKat Ali is safe and natural and can be used by both males and females.

How to take Tongkat Ali:

To get the benefits from Tongkat Ali a longer 8-12 week cycle can be undertaken, it can be run year-round, but may be more effective with a break from time to time.

How to dose Tongkat Ali

We recommend 2 capsules per day.  The capsules can be taken together with food or before Exercise.



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